When Studying Abroad

Study Abroad is a wonderful opportunity that everyone should consider.

If you're studying abroad and plan to apply for a prestigious scholarship upon your return, the following advice is especially important:

  • After seeing a Study Abroad advisor, make an appointment with us.
  • Set up independent study courses with professors from whom you'd like to have strong letters of recommendation.
  • Try to avoid taking Gen Ed courses abroad; use your time wisely by developing your intellectual and career interests.
  • While abroad, don't fall victim to the out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome. Stay in touch with your professors and department.
  • Integrate as much as possible with your host culture.
  • Develop mentoring relationships with your professors abroad. Upon your return, stay in touch with them and explore the possibilities of returning abroad for graduate study.
  • Get involved with your host community through organizations, internships, independent study or research, English language tutoring, and community service or volunteer projects. Upon your return, find ways to share these experiences with others.

Former Global Studies Director Laura Hastings discusses studying abroad.